Xingyu Rain Gear Co., Ltd.


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        +86 13775684162

        New experience

        with your easy travel

        Standard split suit

        Duty split suit

        Zhejiang high speed suit

        Fluorescent green lattice

        Fluorescent green trench coat

        Fluorescent green fission suit

        Fluorescent yellow warning set

        Fluorescent yellow coat

        Fluorescent yellow split suit

        Field camouflage split suit

        Xingyu Rain Gear Co., Ltd.

          Founded in 2000,Xing yu Rain Gear Co., a professional manufacturer ,which joins designing,manufacturing and selling together directly and indirectly servicing many customers both at homea and abroad . Located in Taizhou,the factory covers anarea of 30,000 square meters.  Having introduced foreign advanced equipment more than 10 years of raincoat manufacturing experience,andmore than 300 sk...

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